Fall FAFSA Frenzy for Pecos High School Oct 22 12pm

Hello Pecos High School Seniors and Families,

At UNM-Taos, we believe it is our job to support students and families in our community in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)- regardless of your

future plans. We are excited to offer a virtual FAFSA information session for

Pecos High School
students and families on Friday, October 22, 2020 at 12:00pm. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a UNM-Taos Financial Aid Officer to complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA. Click on

the image or link below to join the session.

Meeting Link:


We look forward to seeing you there,

Bayley Byers 

Admissions Officer 

Student Services 

University of New Mexico-Taos 

1157 County RD. 110 

Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557 



New Mexico Highlands University Financial Support Staff will be conducting $Money Mondays$ for all seniors and potential college students to receive one-to-one help filling out their FAFSA. This is an incredible opportunity! Not only that, with the College Board Opportunity Scholarships, you can be placed in the running to receive a $1000 scholarship!  Attached are the flyers and information for this incredible resource. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Kelly Cramer HS Counselor

New Pandemic EBT Disbursement

Good Morning,

Please see the following important information regarding P-EBT and share with your families and students. It is very important that you relay this information to your students via you communication avenues such as robo calls, mass emails, school or district webpage, or any other avenues that it will get to all families. I also attached the latest documents we have submitted lately. The Public Education Department (PED), Human Services Department (HSD), and School Food Authorities(SFA’s) have been getting many calls in the past couple of days and this will help decrease the call volume. Please share this information when you get calls and not just forward the calls to HSD or PED as this frustrates our constituents.

Important Information:

·       As of today October 1st per USDA and end of the federal fiscal year, the PED and HSD can NO longer can issue any new P-EBT or accept new data from schools or districts to distribute P-EBT for any phases. There are no more federal funds available for P-EBT at this time.

·       Keep in mind the last day we gave to get data to the PED was September 18th. This was due to the tight time frame we had to get the P-EBT out to students and families.

·       This applies to the first and second round of P-EBT issuance.

·       HSD is in the process of issuing the remainder of the second round of P-EBT cards for new students and student on SNAP and regular EBT on or by October 22nd (approximately 72k families, and affect 92k students). Families need to be patient and wait for them to be mailed and received. The second round will not be added to existing EBT cards.

·       Moving forward the PED and HSD can only do address changes for benefits that were issued in both phases per USDA.

·       We do not know if there are going to be future P-EBT issuances please let families know to save their existing P-EBT cards.

·       Schools and Districts need to continue to ensure that your student data and addresses are updated, submit, and validated valid in STARS or to the PED.

Contact numbers:

HSD Hotline- 1-800-283-4465

PED Hotline- 1-505-660-4822

FIS number- 1-800-843-8303 (card replacements)

Note: The HSD and the PED are working on getting a consolidated 1800 number.

Website links for P-EBT information:

HSD Website- https://www.hsd.state.nm.us/LookingForAssistance/p-ebt.aspx

PED Website Link to HSD- http://webnew.ped.state.nm.us/ (Pandemic EBT which is under Important information and quick links)

Thank you for your support and patience during this process. We are happy that in collaboration and hard work, we were able to give more than 150 million dollars in P-EBT benefits during school closures or remote leaning. This was a critical endeavor to ensure students get the food assistance they need to be successful in their education.

Thank you,

Felix Griego, Deputy Director, MBA

Student Success and Wellness Bureau

120 S. Federal Place, Suite 207

Santa Fe, NM 87501