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Pecos High School School Info

2016-17 High School Supply List

Spanish classes and ESL

Supplies: Student responsibility, required for daily use.

3-ring Binder or 3 subject notebook

Blue or Black pens only, no other colors allowed.

Pencils with erasers

Index cards

Individual Interest reading books

Sanitizing Wipes

1 box of facial tissue

1 bottle hand sanitizer

Future Use Items to be left in the classroom: (these materials are required for class use for projects and future assignments)

5 poster boards (22″ x 28″)

Colored pencils


Glue bottle and glue sticks





Spiral or composition Notebook

CHROMATIC TUNER (Can be found at candyman) Any color of expo markers



  1. Thumb Drive
  2. 5 Subject Notebook
  3. Pen
  4. Pencil
  5. Box of Kleenex
  6. HP Calculator (Math Life Skills)


World History and US History

Three Ring Binder folder filled with notebook paper Pack of tab dividers for folder Number 2 Pencils and a handheld pencil sharpener Black or Blue Ink Pens – Colored pencils –  Notecards – composition notebook, for daily –weekly journal – flash drive


Pre AP English II for 10th grade and AP English IV for the 12th grade


2” 3 ring Binder which will stay in the classroom for portfolio

1 package 5 section dividers for 3 ring binder

1 plastic accordion folder

1 spiral or composition notebook for sentence notebook

1 package loose leaf lined paper for homework

1 package of 50 or more clear sheet/page protectors for portfolio

1 package of highlighters (4 colors)

500 note cards (3 x 5)

1 package of 12  pencils either mechanical or wooden

1 package of 12 blue or black ink pens-to leave in class

2 colored pens (red, purple, green, etc.)

1 small box tissue

Thumbdrive-for English

4 packages of sticky/ Post-it notes-different colors if preferable


English I and, English II, AP English III, English IV


1 large 2 ring binder with dividers (5)

1 Plastic pocket folder (for your portfolio)

1 Composition notebook – for sentence pattern work (can be from last year)                                   Blue or black pens


Loose-leaf lined paper (please no assignments torn from spiral notebooks)

1 package of 3×5 notecards (500)

1 package of highlighters – 4 colors                           Assorted sticky notes

1 box of tissue


Supply List (High School Mathematics)

  • 5 subject spiral notebook
  • Loose leaf paper for homework assignments (as needed throughout the school year)
  • 1-2” binder for their loose leaf paper and homework assignments
  • 2 package of graph paper (as needed throughout the school year)
  • Graphing calculator (TI-84)
  • 1 package of colored pens or highlighters
  • 1 package of pencils (as needed throughout the school year)
  •    1 file folder to collect all graded working