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Middle School Principal

Phone: 505-757-1622/505-757-4720

A Message From Your Principal

Hello Pecos Middle School Families!


The 22-23 SY was a year of perseverance and togetherness. As we moved forward, we faced many obstacles and we helped each other overcome those obstacles; we moved forward together. This unity was seen during our Winter Games as our 7th graders, our smallest grade level, worked together to take the victory for their second year in a row. The action of togetherness was evident in our 6th graders who worked together in the first week of school to navigate through as they helped their peers find classes in this unfamiliar environment. The evidence of community was visible in our 8th grade cohort during lunch as the students who I watched over for 2 years in a specific seat, began getting up and visiting new students and forming new bonds. This concept of togetherness was displayed by our faculty as we worked together to host our first year of quarterly project-based learning initiatives. Through acting together, we were able to beat the state average for Math in our MOY, we were able to win athletic competitions, we were able to host a memorable Starry Night Spring Ball, and we were able to help each other grow. I continue to feel honored to serve the Pecos Middle School community; a community that works together as one. We urge our families to work with us to ensure their student’s success through ensuring they understand the electronic and student behavior policies that are needed to promote safety and efficient learning during instructional time. Please monitor your students weekly progress reports and encourage them to attend tutoring. We encourage communication and look forward to addressing your concerns and needs. 


Looking ahead…


We welcome our 6th grade cohort and look forward to supporting them in their transition to PMS. To our 7th grade cohort, you all have done an excellent job setting the academic bar high for your upperclassmen. You challenge your upperclassmen in classroom discussion and are confident in your math abilities. My challenge for you this school year is to prepare yourself to be exemplary role models for our incoming 6th grade cohort. To our 8th grade cohort, you all exemplify what it means to be small yet mighty. You all know each other's strengths and you leverage those strengths to work collaboratively and ensure everyone succeeds. My challenge for you next year is to embrace your individual strengths and feel confident in completing tasks independently. As we begin this new school year, I want us to embrace our strengths and use them to help us grow. I look forward to doing my very best to provide you with a safe, quality learning experience to drive this growth.



Denisha Moodley

Pecos Middle School Principal



Middle School Counselor - Middle School Test Coordinator

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